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it is mike shanahan this time. tonight, he and the owner toasted the new deal. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. the deal with mike shanahan will make him the franchise's 28th coach. dan hellie is here with the latest details. probably the worst-kept secret in washington, d.c. shanahan is the 11th skins' coach since dan snyder bought the team in1999. he gets a five-year contract worth $35 million. redskins scheduled a press conference to introduce shanahan tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. tonight shanahan took part in a celebratory dinner with his new boss. lyndsay czarniak was there with a chance to catch up with the new head coach. >> yes. mike shanahan right now is back at dan snyder's home where he is going to be staying for the second night in a row. they did have that celebratory
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dinner. they didt here at the palm restaurant at tysons corner. they went back to snyder's home where shanahan signed the contract just before arriving here at 7:20. this is a look inside the private dining room at the palm restaurant in tysons, where mike shanahan, his wife peggy, dan snyder, his wife, general manager and team advisors were in this corner room, toasting with champagne, laughing and celebrating. they left to head back to dan snyder's house in potomac. mike shanahan was kind, slow-moving, as he left. he was cordial. he approached him to get his reaction on signing as new head coach of the washington redskins. congratulations. >> thank you. >> how excited are you? >> very, very excited. great to be in the nation's capital. >> what excites you the most? >> we'll talk about that tomorrow. nice to meet you. channel 4, right? >> yes.
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great to meet you. mike shanahan, very polite leaving the restaurant, taking the time to talk to us. he left and was followed by dan snyder. they got outside, got into the cars. a big caravan line of cars. dan snyder said he was going to hold his comments until tomorrow, but certainly it's going to be a very exciting day for the team owner and the new head coach mike shanahan. they are back at dan snyder's home, probably celebrating more. it's a huge day for the redskins. >> i think a lot of pumped-up redskins fans and players. shanahan will bring his 30-year-old son kyle as offensive coordinator. he is currently offensive coordinator in houston. >> maybe it will be good this time. >> let's hope so. federal prosecutors reportedly convened a grand jury today to look into the incident involving gilbert arenas and hand gunin the wizards' locker room.
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arenas talked to proors two hours yesterday. reports are he laid out the guns after a dispute over a gambling debt with teammate javaris crittenton. tonight he was asked if he is more concerned about nba commissioner david stern's punishment or law enforcement. >> are you concerned about david stern or the authorities? >> i think david stern might make his decision before. >> have you any indication he might make his ruling soon? >> i don't know. all i can do is go out and play. >> that grand jury could decide whether he should face criminal charges as early as this week. president obama demanded immediate change this afternoon as the country defends itself again terrorists. the president said an intelligence failure led to a suspected bomber being allowed on to a plane christmas day, and
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that failure is unacceptable. here is nbc's chuck todd with more. >> president obama summoned top national security and intelligence officials to find out why they failed to connect the dots on the near-miss terrorist attack on northwest flight 253. >> when a suspected terrorist is able to board a plane with explosives on christmas day, the system has failed in a potentially disastrous way. >> the president promised a detailed public report on the human and systemic failures due out as early as tomorrow and said the u.s. knew al qaeda in yemen intended to conduct an attack specifically on u.s. soil >> our intelligence community knew of other red flags that al qaeda in the arabia peninsula sought to strike, not only american targets in yemen, but the united states itself. >> reporter: and the president made it clear where the fault lies for the failed attack on christmas day. >> this was not a failure to collect intelligence. it was a failure to integrate
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and understand the intelligence we already had. >> reporter: today's meeting comes as the administration finds itself on the defensive about how it initially handled the incident. sadly the president is judged more on his public relations than on his governing. >> reporter: the challenge for the obama administration is clear. >> terrorists only have to be lucky or successful once. we have to be successful every single time. that is an incredibly high standard, but one we should aspire to. >> reporter: and the president indicated just that. >> the margin for error is slight. the consequences of failure can be catastrophic. >> that was chuck todd reporting. also important to note the president said the attempted attack on christmas day will not influence his decision on whether to close guantanamo bay. however, he has suspended the release of guantanamo prisoners to yemen. a former intelligence official says the suicide bomber who killed seven cia employees in afghanistan had established credibility by previously
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providing intelligence that led agents to several al qaeda leaders. that official tells the associated press the jordanian information led to several drone-launched missile strikes. last week the bomber lured several cia agents into a meeting at a base in afghanistan. he did that by saying he had information about bin laden's top deputy. then he blew himself up and killed seven operatives. we are learning more about the man reportedly the third party crasher at the state dinner in november. tonight there is new video of the man walking into the white house that night when he did not have an invitation. jackie benson is in the mt. pleasant neighborhood tonight with more on this. >> reporter: there are still a lot of unanswered questions tonight. this is a picture of carlos allen and michael salahi taken
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in june. five months later, did they crash the state dinner at the white house? this shows a man who appears to be allen getting out of the van with members of the official indian delegation. allen denies being out to dinner. who is carlos alien? the photo is one of many on a website advertising hush galleria. a plush townhouse allen maintained as a private social club. >> we are here with carlos of hush society magazine. >> reporter: d.c. records show allen's license to run the business was provoked. he appeared on news4 to talk about what he described as a children's charity. the allegation of a third party crasher at the november state dinner is very unwelcome news for the white house. journal asyst and long-time washington insider sally quinn says the incident is about
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people not doing their job when their job is to protect the president of the united states. >> i think that in order for the president to look strong and to look as though he is in charge, desiree rogers and mark sullivan should hand in their resignations. i'm sure they are bright, successful and confident people, but they made a major mistake. >> reporter: some in congress are calling for a larger investigation into the security breach. >> jackie benson, thank you. coming up tonight, a woman who was attacked for the unborn child in her body went face-to-face with the suspect in court today. d.c. firefighters show us the dangers upclose. >> a magazine delivered 22 years later. >> how about our weather? >> we are delivering more cold weather. it's in the teens out to our west. maybe some of the white stuff in
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the future.
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a 14-year-old girl was on her way to school this morning when she was hit and killed by a train. it happened in middle river, maryland, about 11 miles north of baltimore. police say the girl was walking along the amtrak train tracks near the high school when the train came by and hit her. another girl that was with her was not injured. that accident shut down service for about two hours on the northeast corridor. it led to delays all day long. a woman came face-to-face with the attacker ear cues fd trying to cut an unborn baby out of her body today. police say last month veronica duramis allured takika adams, tied her up and tried to cut the baby out of her with a knife. she escaped and ips now staying with her father. >> she is my youngest daughter.
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i feel like she was trying to take my baby in two ways, my daughter and my granddaughter. that's how i felt. i was hurt and i was angry. >> veronica duramis faces attempted murder charges and is being held without bond. still to come tonight, a feud heating up between the white house and peta over an advertisement featuring the first lady. a deep freeze moves across the country's midsection.
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the recent blast of frigid air caused area waterways to freeze over. local firefighters are warning us to stay off the ice. dorothy spencer shows how easy it can be to fall in. >> reporter: this is the beginning of our ice season. we are expecting quite a bit of ice over the next few weeks. d.c.'s fire crew uses the "john glenn" as an ice cutter. >> we'll see six to ten inches. sometimes it packs up. >> reporter: recent frigid temperatures have made area rivers, creeks and ponds look more like skating rinks.
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officials say that could temperature some to venture out. >> that is what we do not want them to do. it's not only illegal on the potomac river, but very dangerous. >> reporter: officials say it's impossible to tell how thick the ice is. if you see someone fall through call 911 and do t attempt a rescue yourself. >> we want to caution everybody, don't go out on the e. if you want to go skating, go to an ice rink. >> reporter: this is a demonstration of what can happen when you're on thin ice. officials go through specialized training and wear ice rescue suits that can protect them for up to two hours in freezing cold water. >> it's going to take us some time if we have to get out there if someone's fallen through the ice. >> reporter: the ice can pose a danger for pets, too. last weekend rescuers had to pull a dog from a frozen lake in fredericksburg. officials say if your pet does walk on to the ice, don't follow because you could end up falling in.
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>> we try to do a really good public relations campaign early in the ice season like today to ensure people know the dangers of the ice and to stay off of it. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4. the freeze gripping our area is causing real problems all over this country. in the midwest and the northeast, snow and temperatures near zero are making things very difficult. add in wind chills and it feels like 10 to 15 below. in florida and other parts of the south, the below-freezing temperatures have farmers worried about citrus and cotton crops. >> it's going to be more days below 32 degree temperatures. >> this could cost us around $145,000. >> at least one industry appears to be benefitting from all this. hitting repair companies. they say there is a sharp increase in business in recent days. there's no wonder why. >> find out what your heating
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system is made of. >> and a lot of it is going up the chimney. a lot of communities spent their snow removal budget and here we are into the first week of january. this is how it looked along the potomac. not only the potomac, but tell the youngsters, those are the ones that sometimes have danger and tragedies, things like the canal are beginning to ice up. it will be many, many days before any ice is safe. outse right now, our temperature here inwashington, 30 degrees. the low 27 and once again, we are below freezing. look at the high temperatures today around the country. talk about heating bills. these were the temperatures into highs only in the teens to about 10 degrees. miami, 60 degrees. vero beach was a record low high temperature 52. orlando, 47 degrees. look at the temperatures not only around us, but in the entire country.
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10, 15, 20 degrees below average. the one warm spot out there in los angeles, where right now it's still 60 degrees. doesn't that sound better than minneapolis which is zero? again tonight there is a hard freeze out not only for parts of florida, but mississippi, alabama, and with another little ripple in the atmosphere coming through the middle part of the country. more snow and there are winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings out. there is a ripple, the overall pattern is a very cold one through so much of the country. parts of new york, michigan, have 20 inches of snow on the ground. we've seen a few snow flurries and you may see some tomorrow morning when you're heading out, too. the real heavy snows remain in the mountains of pennsylvania, out into the mountains of west virginia. 20 inches on the ground. overnight tonight, we still have that same northwesterly wind, at least winds are not quite as much as they have been. they are still breezy. here comes that next little ripple. as we get into late thursday, i
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do think now it will be spreading light snow or snow flurries our way. cloudy skies tomorrow morning. chance for a few flurries. temperatures in the teens to mid 20s. some of the morning clouds will break up once again. i think we'll see partly sun kwi skies. once again, our temperature's well below average. our average high 42 degrees. tomorrow evening, we'll see the clouds break up a little bit. maybe a flurry tomorrow. if we see anything from that little area in the midwest, it would be thursday evening on into thursday night. temperatures would certainly be snow if it did anything, would be in the 30s. then a reenforcing surge of cold air, believe it or the not, for the weekend. temperatures saturday and sunday probably not above freezing, maybe a break mid to latter part of next week. still a long way away. >> want warmer temperatures? get on a plane. >> to los angeles, right. >> thank you, bob. coming up, google unveiled its new phone. >> next in sports, it's a done
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deal. mike shanahan is the new redskins head coach.
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it's done. is it a good thing? >> i think so. it's the best thing that happened to them in a while in terms of their coaching situation, at least since joe gives left. >> they need to do something. >> absolutely right. mike shanahan signed on to be the new head coach of the redskins. shanahan comes in with instant credibility having won two super bowls in 14 seasons with the broncos before being l go at the end of last season. shanahan gets a five-year, $35 million deal. just a short time ago he was toews his new job with his new boss, redskins' owner dan snyder
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at the palm. that is where we find lyndsay czarniak who caught up with the new head coach. >> hey, dan. it was funny. there were not a lot of people inside the palm. once they saw who was coming out and realized mike shanahan was dining in this restaurant, word spread very, very quickly. it was a huge celebration dinner. there was a lot of laughing and toewsing. they showed up here,ed entire party did, just after 7:20 this evening. mike shanahan had two intense days of the negotiations. he finally signed that five-year, $35 million deal. he left the restaurant after spending about three hours with dan snyder, dan's wife, his own wife peggy, gm bruce allen and team advisors. dan snyder was out there right along with him helping the crew get back into that caravan of cars where they then headed back to his home where they will spend the night. before he left, he had an opportunity to meet the coach.
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coach, lyndsay czarniak, congratulations. >> thank you. >> how excited are you? >> very excited. great to be in the nation's capital. >> what excites you the most? >> we'll talk about that tomorrow. nice to meet you. channel 4, right? >> yes. nice to meet you. >> mike shanahan very pleased to be here, very cordial on his way out. headed back to dan snyder's home where he will spend another night. they will be back at it tomorrow, introducing mike shanahan as the new head coach. dan, you talked to players. i was able to catch up with jason campbell who said he is thrilled with this news. i think that word is starting to trickle around that tree of redskins players. >> you're absolutely right. that's one of the big question marks, will the redskins and mike shanahan keep jason campbell around next year. >> he said he is happy to hear he is an offense-friendly coach, obviously, but it is a wait-and-see battle for him now.
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>> good work. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> 2:00 p.m. press conference tomorrow. the rest of the players knew shanahan was the main target. guys i talked to excited. london fletcher who should continue to be the leader of the defense likes what shanahan brings to the table. >> i think it is a great day in washington redskins' football history to have a coach like coach shanahan. you don't get too many two-time winning super bowl head coaches. >> with the tumultuous season you guys had, to add a guy who has instant credibility will be the face of the franchise, does that provide the stability you guys need? >> i think it does. i think mr.nyder took a step in the right direction hiring bruce allen and adding coach shanahan as the final piece. he instantly becomes the face of our franchise. credibility is there right away. players in the locker room, they have to listen to what he says because he has the rings.
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>> is it safe to say you're excited about this? >> i'm very excited about this. >> look at that big, old smile. i caught up with london at the capitols gain. they won tonight. wizards won tonight. big news what'soming up tomorrow at redskins park. >> it is a good night. >> it is. >> michelle obama at the center
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a united airlines pilot accused of being drunk prior to take-off entered a guilty plea in a courtroom in london today. irwin washington was scheduled to fly from london's heathrow to chicago's o'hare back in november. 124 passengers and 11 crew members were onboard.
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however, police were called before the plane took off. they were called by a coorker who suspected washington was drunk. he failed a breathalyzer test. his sentencing is scheduled for february. the battle for your cell phone business is heating up again. google started selling its new mobile phone today. google says it is selling the nexus one as a way to protect its online advertising empire. they are trying to keep up with those who search for handsets. the nexus one costs around $180. it is considered arrival of apple's iphone. the white house is unhappy about a new campaign from the organization known as peta. a campaign that features michelle obama. this ad is showing up all over the district as part of peta's make d.c. fur-free campaign. that campaign features celebrities who have pledged not to wear fur, but the white house says michelle obama never posed,
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nor did she give consent for her picture to be used. the president of peta says they didn't ask for her consent because they knew she can't make such an endorsem
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the magazine is called "time," but that doesn't mean you can aays expect an on-time delivery. a copy of "time" magazine was
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delivered to minnesota this week. look at the cover. it's the story about america's re-entry into the space program after the "challenger" explosion. it was addressed to the former home owner who was since moved on. no word from t post office why it arrived so late. >> we have a second. i need to know if there is any truth to the reports that rigo was at that dinner tonight? >> john riggins was not at the dinner. we'll have live coverage tomorrow. >> 2:00. >> that's our broadcast.

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